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Pik, Pik, Pik: Why Waterpiks Should Be Your Go To For Flossing

October 16, 2020
Posted By: Lindsey McCall
Waterpik Water Flosser

We all know that we are supposed to brush our teeth twice daily with a toothpaste that contains fluoride.  While this is a great start in taking care of your oral hygiene, brushing alone only cleans about 60% of teeth surface areas.  Brushing doesn’t take care of food particles, plaque and bacteria from between teeth because bristles are not small enough to clean tight spaces.  The American Dental Association recommends interdental cleaning to address this issue. In fact, recent research links gum disease to serious conditions such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes, respiratory disease and cancer.   Unfortunately, only 40 % of Americans floss on a regular basis.  A popular alternative to traditional floss is to use a Waterpik. Waterpiks are clinically proven to improve oral health 50% better than traditional floss. 

Waterpiks are water flossers that use a pressurized stream of pulsating water to clean away food particles, bacteria and plaque between teeth and under the gumline.  At McCall Family Dentistry, we believe that Waterpiks are great everyone.  They are particularly beneficial for those who wear braces, as they are 3 times more effective than regular flossing.  If you have a nonremovable bridge work or have crowns or dental implants, Waterpiks are two times more effective than flossing.  They are also excellent in getting to hard to reach places and periodontal pockets and in cleaning tightly spaced teeth.  Some additional benefits of using a Waterpik include the following:

  • Removes 99.9% of plaque in treated areas

  • Reduces risk of periodontal disease

  • Reduces risk of infection

  • Reduces inflammation, which reduces risk of gingivitis

  • Keeps breath fresher longer

  • Safe to use, contains no risk

  • Easier to use for those with arthritis or anyone who finds string floss difficult to maneuver

  • More hygienic

As a new user, it is important to keep a few considerations in mind.  Remember to place the tip of the Waterpik in the mouth before turning on the unit.  It is also important to go slowly while gliding the tip along the gumline.  Users should also remember to start at the back of the teeth and work toward the front teeth.  Continue until you have cleaned the inside and outside of the upper and lower teeth.

At McCall Family Dentistry, we believe that using a Waterpik is the most effective way to tackle interdental cleaning that the ADA recommends.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!  We are more than happy to provide you with information.  Say goodbye to string floss forever and enjoy all of the oral health benefits you get when using a Waterpik!

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